Top 5 Black Owned Brands at Walmart

Walmart has been a long standing supporter of black owned brands. They currently sell over 20 brands, with many more in the pipeline.

As we prepare to purchase gifts for the holidays, since many of us are already shopping at Walmart, consider purchasing black owned products for your self, or as gifts.

Here are the top 5 brands at Walmart:

  1. TPH by Taraji ( Women’s Cosmetics)
  1. Alaffia (Hair Care)
  1. Blk and Bold (Coffee)
  1. The Cut Buddy (Hair Cutting Accessory)

  1. The Lip Bar(Cosmetics)

Black owned retail brands work very hard to secure shelf space with big box retailers. By supporting these brands, we can ensure the retailers continue to purchase their products.

Feel free to visit for other blackowned brands from Walmart, and our other retail partner, Macy’s.

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